Clause 4

1. The Honorary Fellowship Committee may consider bestowing Honorary Fellowship to persons who have given either Memorial Lectures, or have been Chemcon Distinguished Speakers or recipients of Lala Shriram Award and/or other prestigious awards of the Institute.
2. Honorary Fellows shall be presented the Fellowships during the Chemcon session.
3. There shall not be more than 125 Honorary Fellows at any time.

Clause 7

1. There shall be a formal Convocation during the AGM to award AMIIChE Diploma to the candidates successfully completing the qualifying examinations conducted by the Institute.

Clause 18.3

1. The fixed deposits for “IIChE Life Membership Fund” shall be for 3 - 5 years with provision for crediting the annual interest to IIChE account.
2. The fixed deposits in respect of ‘Endowments’ for Annual Awards, Prizes, Memorial Lectures, Chemcon Distinguished Speakership Lectures and such other activities shall be for 3 - 5 years with provision for getting annual interest. Only 70% of the interest will be used for the specific activity, 20% will be ploughed back into the corpus of the particular endowment and 10% will be utilized for administrative expenses.
3. The award money cannot be used for any purpose other than the one for which the donation was sought for or given. If no award/prize is given in a particular year, or no lecture is given, all the interest, except 5% used for administrative purposes, will be credited to the corpus of the particular endowment.
4. Every year, a statement of accounts will be sent to the respective donors or its representative so as to bring transparency. The statement of accounts shall also be a part of the Honorary Secretary’s report to be presented at each AGM. A brief statement about all the endowments shall be published in the issue of “Indian Chemical Engineer”, published immediately after the AGM (normally the first issue of the next year).

Clause 24.1

1. While deciding about the co-option of Members to the Council, consideration shall be given to:
(a) Representation from the Regional Centres not otherwise represented in the Council, and
(b) Specific requirement of filling up the post of an office bearer of the Institute.

Clause 25.13

1. Council Members who are not able to attend a meeting for some reason shall submit their opinions in writing to the Honorary Secretary on the various items issued on the agenda through letter, e-mail or fax. Indeed, it would be advisable to exchange notes before the meetings to avoid delays, lengthy discussion and misunderstandings. They can seek for clarifications and additional information from the Headquarters before the meeting and also indirectly participate in all major decisions if they cannot attend a meeting. This will be useful for the healthy growth of the profession and running of the Institute. A Council Member participating in a meeting via teleconference or electronically, will be assumed to be actually present in the meeting.

Clause 26.1 & 26.2

1. While constituting the Standing Committees and other Committees, consideration may be given for a minimum change in its composition within a short span of time in order to maintain continuity and smoothness of functioning. The ex-officio members shall change consequent upon the change in office but other members may have tenure of, say three years.

Clause 26.4

1. The Committee on Education and Examination shall preferably have members drawn from IIChE Council, IITs, NITs, Universities, reputed Private Engineering Colleges and leading R&D Institutions.
2. The Rules and Regulations and the Syllabi/Curricula would be reviewed usually after 5 years but not later than 7 years.

Clause 26.5

1. The Committee on Finance shall have the Honorary Secretary as one of its members. Adequate representation shall be given to the industry.